Strategies to Rebuild Enrollment in Tumultuous Times

Join NCCA with Sholom Strick, Caroline Jens, and Casey Kennedy as we discuss:
– How to make customers feel safe
– Effective marketing ideas
– Why positive culture will be the key to rebounding
– Communication techniques that provide clarity and trust for parents and staff
– Ideas on how to increase revenue using your empty slots
Sholom Strick is the owner and operator of several childcare facilities. He has a passion for innovation and workplace culture. In his pursuit to maximize the revenue of his own facilities, he founded Hopping In, a tool that helps child care providers earn more revenue from their empty spots.
Casey Kennedy is the founder and operator of Bloom Academy, a family of preschools located in Florida. She is a very integral part of all of her preschool locations and takes a hands-on, culture-driven approach to leadership and growth. She founded Bloom Academy in 2012 as a stepping stone on her path to create opportunities for women and children within her community.
Child Care Biz Help is the childcare industry’s premier consulting firm, offering customized, holistic solutions to help their partners run a more successful business. With a team comprised entirely of individuals with childcare backgrounds, they have the experience and expertise to provide solutions and insights that cannot be found anywhere else in the childcare industry. From internal work like streamlining operations and establishing procedures to external initiatives like recruitment efforts and brand development, Child Care Biz Help provides a full solution that touches every facet of a business. With customizable levels of involvement, Child Care Biz Help has extensive experience, both training organizations to implement a customized solution or coming into a business and doing the work for them. Led by innovative owner, Caroline Jens, Child Care Biz Help has a deep understanding of the current state of the childcare industry and a clear vision of where it is headed in the future.