Employer-Sponsored Child Care Help

Employer-Sponsored Child Care has never been easier!

Give your employees immediate access to thousands of quality & affordable licensed Child Care providers nationwide.

Businesses large and small can afford Child Care benefits, making it easier than ever to support your employees.

Child Care Benefits through TOOTRiS allow businesses to:

  • Elevate Recruitment and Retention Efforts: 60% of millennials report Child Care help as an important job benefit. By 2025, 75% of the workforce will be millennials!
  • Boost Productivity & Morale, Even for Non-parents: Employees with access to Child Care benefits report an increase in work-life balance and engagement.
  • Achieve the Highest Return on Investment (ROI) from Your Benefits: Nationally, the cost of lost earnings, productivity, and revenue due to the Child Care crisis is estimated at $57 billion annually. Don’t be part of this statistic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Employer-Sponsored Child Care

Q: What is employer sponsored Child Care?
A: Businesses add employer-sponsored Child Care to their perks or benefits plan to provide care referral enrollment assistance to their employees, so that they can more easily find Child Care nearby. Additionally, this may come with a cost-sharing assistance on a percentage or fixed-rate, lowering the budget needed to pay for care by the parent.

Q: Is this the same as corporate daycare subsidy employment plans for working parents?
A: Yes. Sometimes the internal language under a benefit, perk, or wellness plan is slightly different. Our benefit options cover the ‘umbrella’ of Child Care needed by working parents.

Q: What type of Child Care is available for employees under this benefit?
A: We can provide all available types of Child Care nationwide, across any schedule, budget, or location need. These may be referred to as Child Care, daycare, before or afterschool care, drop-in care, back-up care and emergency care. In many cases, there are also babysitter/nanny salutations.

Q: How much do employer-sponsored Child Care plans cost to implement?
A: For most employers, the starting cost is just $100. Please inquire to receive a quote for your organization.

Q: Is employer-sponsored Child Care tax deductible for businesses?
A: In many cases, there are IRS tax benefits for organizations that offer corporate Child Care enrollment assistance and sponsored-care. We’d be happy to review these options with you.

Child Care IS a Business Issue!

Investing in your workforce today ensures your success in the future. Complete the form on this page to learn more about how to add Child Care to your employee benefit, wellness, or perks package.