Speak Out For Child Care

National Child Care Members/Advocates and Business Affiliates:

As you are well aware there are many different proposals coming from the White House and Congress this summer that will provide the largest ever investment in America’s child care system. For the first time ever we have the attention of our federal lawmakers. Due to Covid-19 they now know that saving child care and early education for the long term is ESSENTIAL to children, families, employers and our economy. They also know that high quality care and education is not accessible and affordable for all. Now that we have their attention every ESSENTIAL child care professional receiving this newsletter has the opportunity and most of all the responsibility of being a VOICE for children, families, and yourself. I hope by sharing this information with you that has been provided to us by one of our advocacy partners, Child Care Aware of America, we can count on everyone letting their federal legislators know what you need to be a high-quality and sustainable early care and education business and educator. REMEMBER YOU ARE ESSENTIAL and YOUR INPUT REGARDING THIS MATTER IS ESSENTIAL!

This is a serious call to action. Please take the time to see what is on the table and contact your members of Congress.

Cindy Lehnhoff
Director of the NCCA

Many policy proposals that are aimed at improving child care have already come out of Congress and the White House this year. Policymakers at the federal level increasingly recognize the urgent need for long-term, sustainable investment in America’s child care system. CCAoA’s new two-part blog series breaks down what’s included:
Child Care Proposals from Congress
Child Care in Proposals from the White House

As Congress and the White House continue to negotiate over which policies will ultimately be included in infrastructure and budget bills this summer, make sure you know what has been proposed already with our blogs. Once you have, contact your Members of Congress and tell them to support sustainable, long-term federal investment in child care that makes high-quality, affordable care a reality for families.

Thank you to Child Care Aware for this info.