Take Action: Fight for Child Care Funding

Over the next 24 hours, lawmakers in D.C. are working out the details of the next federal budget, which could be transformative for child care. But these critical investments aren’t promised and we have to fight to ensure that child care isn’t sacrificed during these budget negotiations. We need a game-changing investment in child care, and we need it now. Why? The pandemic has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that child care is the backbone of our economy. We can’t go back to the broken pre-pandemic status quo. We must ensure that: Families can afford child care (adding up to no more than 7% of their income)Families can actually FIND child care. Child care workers earn a living wage
Tell your elected officials: Fund child care now!
Funding child care now means that women and families will have a chance at a real recovery. Now is the time for Congress to address America’s child care crisis with a significant investment in our early education system to ensure every family can access the care options that work for them. This is a crucial moment for the future of families and child care providers. Your representatives need to hear from you immediately.
Tell Congress: we need child care funding, and we need it now.
Melissa Boteach
Vice President for Income Security and Child Care/Early Learning
National Women’s Law Center