We are establishing a consensus … need your help!

Fellow Board Members, State Association Representatives, and Business Affiliates:

I hope this message finds everyone well.  I know you are all terribly busy as always, however I would appreciate it if you could answer some questions for me.  With all of the political activity surrounding child care I would like to establish a consensus for how NCCA will be advocating on behalf of its members.   Additionally, I would like to know if your state is currently providing funds from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Act (CRRSC) that was passed in December.  This bill allocated $10B in additional CCDBG dollars that was distributed to the states in early April.  Please see the attachment provided that gives you specific information on how much money was provided to each state and their plan to spend it.  They do have until September 2022 to utilize all of these dollars. 

1.       Has your state begun providing the CRRSC funds to ALL child care providers whether or not they take subsidy children or not?   If yes, please describe the type of assistance you are receiving.

2.       Are you part of any group or organization in your community or state that is advocating for the use of this additional child care funding?  If yes, please state the name of the group and what it is they are asking for that will help your business and families. 

3.       Have you personally spoken to your governor’s office or your state legislatures regarding any concerns you have about maintaining your child care center(s) due to COVID-19?  If yes, please provide us some detail.

4.       Is your state providing any kind of hazard pay or bonus to staff?  If yes, how much is it?

5.       What is your biggest challenge with getting back to business at the same level you were at before COVID-19?

·        Hiring and or retaining high quality staff

·        Low enrollment

·        Other—If you choose this one, please provide some detail

6.       The American Relief Package (ARP) passed in March has allocated another $39B for child care. This includes $15B more for CCDBG and $24B in child care stabilization funding.   This money will not be funded to the states until sometime in September.  If providers in your community had a choice, how would they like this HUGE amount of additional dollars to be used to support high quality child care? 

7.       What are your thoughts about President Biden’s proposal to invest $200B in Free UPK and another $225B to make child care more affordable and make investments in high-quality child care and the child care workforce?

8.       Do you have any suggestions for me as the representative for the NCCA in how to use our voice to impact the necessary changes to our current delivery system of child care and early education?  These include, but are not limited to the following:

·        The need for a universal definition of high-quality early care and education

·        Ensuring a well- trained and compensated workforce

·        Actions needed to make high quality care and education accessible, equitable, and affordable

·        Reimbursement rates that reflect the true cost of providing high quality early care and education

If you would like more specifics about President Biden’s plan to invest $425B in child care please let me know.  I am happy to provide a summary to you. Please email me at

Take Care,

Cindy Lehnhoff
Director, National Child Care Association