Next “Webinar Wednesday,” May 5 featuring, “Wait, What? Are You Kidding Me?”

Save the date for our next webinar on, “Webinar Wednesday,” which we do the first Wednesday of the month!

Next one, May 5 at 1pm EST featuring:

“Wait, What? Are You Kidding Me?”
So, have you ever thought, “I know this stuff does not happen to other people?” Vernon will share leadership stories about some of the situations he has been presented and survived in 30 years of early childhood leadership. The stories are REAL and unbelievable. This fun, laugh-out-loud discussion will remind you that “you’re not crazy, but maybe everyone else is!” You’ll leave with a better perspective and ready to tackle what the universe throws at you! This is Vernon’s favorite discussion topic!


10 Breakthrough Approaches to Hire in a Covid World!
Five years ago, the biggest struggle for directors and owners was enrollment. Today, the need for hiring employees has surpassed enrollment. It seems as if there are not enough candidates to fill the vacant positions. This workshop will challenge you to adjust your recruiting, interviewing, and hiring technics to maximize your new hires’ quantity and quality.