Join us in Advocacy

The National Child Care Association unifies our members through local and national networks and provides opportunities for continuing education through conferencing and webinars. Membership in NCCA also fulfills professional development membership requirements for the CDA and similar credentials, National Accreditation, and STARS/QRIS.

Additionally, NCCA partners with other national organizations to represent your voice on Capitol Hill and empowers members with advocacy training and resources. This was especially prominent when the pandemic first hit and lockdowns began in March 2020. Throughout the pandemic and while we still wade through uncertain waters, NCCA and its members have spoken up at the national level and fought for the quality and funding of childcare. NCCA members called their senators demanding funding for local daycare centers to open safely, as we understand that America works when child care works! In addition to encouraging the calls, NCCA provided templates and easy to access contact list for government officials across the United States.

Also among the many achievements of NCCA during 2020, we were strong advocates of the 2020 Census, making sure that every single child was counted at this critical time. Once 2020 Census data collection is complete, the Census Bureau begins a lengthy, thorough and scientifically rigorous process to produce the apportionment counts, redistricting information and other statistical data products that help guide hundreds of billions of dollars in public and private sector spending per year for the next ten years.

The National Child Care Association was here for you last year, is here for you this year, and we will be here for you in the days to come. The resources that we provide our members are vast and include industry education, discounted services, user-friendly resources, professional development guidance and so much more. Are you a member yet? Join us! Is there anything we can do for you? Let us know! Give us a call at 877-537-NCCA (6222) or email us at