Save the Date: Future NCCA Webinar featuring VMD

The National Child Care Association continues to add to their Webinar Series calendar. Save the date for a unique webinar topic this series has yet to address. On January 12, at 1pm EST, the NCCA Webinar series will address the importance of mental health and healthcare via “telehealth.”

This webinar features partner and member benefit VMD Healthcare Solutions. VMD can instantly connect you to a doctor, therapist, dentist and more via their phone app and website. On January 12, VMD will explain how VMD gives access to healthcare and more for as little as $20 a month.

Participants will receive an introduction to Telehealth, and learn the benefits of Telehealth for employers and individuals. VMD will also discuss the Mental Health Pandemic and how telehealth can help!

Additional talking points will include how VMD’s additional benefits can help you save on services such as dental, vision and prescriptions, and how VMD delivers savings and instant access to healthcare via their app and website.

VMD understands the constant challenge of wanting to provide valuable benefits to your employees, however, due to the rising cost of healthcare, most business owners can not afford to do so. Therefore, VMD has partnered with some of the best providers in the industry to help provide access to high quality care and services all via a phone app and website.  Their collective buying power makes it possible to offer healthcare and lifestyle benefits for your organization at a fraction of the cost of most traditional health plans. Their partnerships, with some of the best in the industry, assures clients that their employees will get the best support and service included in their customized benefits package. Even if your organization already offers health insurance, VMD can help you and your employees save time and money by reducing out-of-pocket expenses.

Register for the January 12th webinar on ZOOM today: