Your Silence Allows Then To Ignore Us!

Urgent: we need your help NOW more than ever!! We are waiting for the Senate to release another COVID-19 relief package. We are NOT giving up in our pursuit of the $50 billion funding relief request. Therefore, we are organizing our next Call-In Day for this Thursday, July 16th.

Senate Republicans are expected to introduce their next COVID package on July 20th. The Senate’s last day in session is August 7th which leaves little time to respond to the package once it’s presented. Therefore, our advocacy is crucial in the coming weeks. We’ve heard that the package will have small provisions for housing, child care, and food assistance. That means it is up to our advocacy to put the pressure on to not only increase the size of the package but to target relief to the most in need, including to secure at least $50 billion in child care funding needed to save our system. This is critical. We encourage everyone to reach out to their delegation members, particularly in the Senate, and the makeup of your delegation will determine the strategy.

Some talking points:
For Republicans who are in leadership – educate them on the scope of the need, especially how child care is impacting by states reopening and the cascading impact of limited K-12 availability in the fall, and the structure of the stabilization fund through the exiting pathway of the CCDBG being the right mechanism.  

For Republicans who are not in leadership positions – do the education above and make sure to ask them to weigh in with leadership that child care funding needs to be a priority in the next package (and if you can talk to them about funding, do it!).

For Democrats who are in leadership – educate them about the Child Care is Essential Act, and why at least $50B in direct assistance through a stabilization fund (that goes through CCDBG) needs to be in the next package.

For Democrats who are already cosponsoring the CCE Act – ask them to continue to raise awareness publicly, weigh in with other members to get them on the bill, and ask them to weigh in with leadership that this is a priority for the next fight.

For Democrats who are not cosponsoring the CCE Act – educate them about the funding needs and the bill, and see if you can get them to cosponsor.

America is in the middle of a child care crisis – please, please help us reach our goal of $50 billion in relief funding by joining us in our next Call-In Day, Thursday, July 16th!