Please Take This Survey

Our friends at Child Care Aware asked us to share this information with you.

We wanted to send a quick request for your help in spreading the word about critical study of the likely spread of COVID-19 in child care programs being conducted by the Yale School of Medicine, “COVID-19 Infection Rates and Mitigation in U.S. Child Care Programs: A Natural Experiment of Critical Implications for Reopening Child Care and Public Schools (PDF download)” (Yale IRB # 2000028232). 

This is one of the largest workforce epidemiological studies ever attempted-in fact, almost 100,000 child care providers have already responded! But, we still need your help in reaching the massive number of child care respondents needed to conduct a study of this size. Please share this linked email with child care providers in your community.

As a reminder, the survey takes 12-20 minutes and is hosted through a secured online survey platform and maintained in a de-identified state to ensure confidentiality. It asks about COVID-19 exposure and symptoms, as well as methods of reducing the spread of the virus. We have to act fast in getting data- before child care programs reopen-in order to generate useful policy recommendations. 

Thank you in advance for sharing the survey with your community and for your continued work in child care.