Here For You!

The National Child Care Association is here for you today and we will be here for you in the days to come. Is there anything we can do for you? Let us know! Give us a call at 877-537-NCCA (6222) or email us at WE CAN HELP!
The National Child Care Association (NCCA) works diligently to advocate for our members and child care professionals but we NEED YOUR HELP! Now is the time to advocate for yourself by calling or emailing your legislators!

We’ve made this easy for you!

Simply visit: and find links to find the contact information of your legislators along with a sample letter to send them.UNEMPLOYED? FREE REMOTE HEALTHCARE!At a time when healthcare has never been more important, it is our honor to notify you of a healthcare coverage opportunity. As you know, the National Child Care Association has already added the benefit of access to healthcare coverage for you at a reduced cost. Now, at this crucial time, we are donating to our members, at no cost, remote healthcare for 100 individuals who are furloughed/unemployed employees, until we reach recovery.

The benefit includes Telemedicine, which provides remote medical consultation and will enable people to understand if they should get tested. This would facilitate a reductionin the number of unneeded tests, reduce the pressure on our hospitals, reduce exposure and much more. Telemental will help many who feel isolated and alone, those who are dealing with being sick, and those whom care for a sick person. HealthCare Advisor and Medical Billing Advocacy will help those who need treatment do so at the lowest negotiable costs. None of these offerings require a co-pay.

If your unemployed, simply:
1. Access the and
2. Click on the ENROLL NOW button for the Immediate Solution and at the end of the process they will
3. Supply the passcode: NCCA

In these difficult times, we are doing our part, and with your help and support together we can assist so many people.