Blogspot – March 2023

4️⃣ C’s of Hiring

Do you ever feel like you’re being iced OUT…as in you are just not feeling the love? Junior High taught us that not everyone is going to like us…and Wisdom has taught us we actually don’t like everyone. It’s true.

Here are 4 important tips I hope you remember when you are hiring your next rock star…

Competence – You can teach skills + knowledge, so have a rock-solid training and onboarding ensures you’re connecting on the highest level from Day One. But you do know you cannot teach talent, right?!

Character – Can someone invent a jerk-o-meter that can sit across from me during interviews and make LOUD noises when someone is not going to show up how they are trying to convince me they will? If you want to peel back the layers in an interview to get to their heart? Ask them about the kindest thing they did in the last 2 weeks!

Culture + Chemistry – you can’t have one without the other. YES – you want to have inclusive hiring practices…BUT not everyone is your people.

Straight up, you should hire people you AND your team would like to hang out with…and people who will connect well with the school culture you are so intentionally creating with every interaction. Once again for the people in the back…not everyone is your people. If you’ve hired someone because they can fog a mirror and pass a background check, but they did not have the energy, enthusiasm and work ethic that is important to you, you’ve felt the sting…Telling parents they have a new teacher…again. Having your top talent ticked off when they have to cover…again. And worse…the kids become dysregulated, and their behaviors are off the chain…again.

“Culture AND Chemistry are critical to success,” says Mark Cuban (SharkTank + Owner of Dallas Mavericks). In this article, he says he will actually fire a leader who refuses to contribute to a positive team culture. He’s traded players for self-centeredness to develop team chemistry and spark motivation in others to work together. So prepare for your next interview like you are building the world-class team you’ve always dreamed of, and be sure they bring the competence and character, so you can determine the chemistry and if they’d be a good fit for your culture.

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